Trudeau Government Saving Taxpayers Dollars

The Games of Politics

Hundreds of appointed positions within the Trudeau government are now vacant after 8 years of Trudeau’s government. But is that necessarily a negative thing?

Some claim leaving hundreds of positions vacant can affect wait times for services or decisions. While that may be, it is just that — a claim. An alternative claim is that those positions are redundant and only fill government ranks with political party support. Those positions cost taxpayers plenty — leaving them empty can save government spending.

When former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper was concerned that he was about to lose the next election, his government went on an appointment spree, filling vacant positions with Conservative choices. Positions that would remain well after Trudeau came to power, leaving the potentially over-staffing expenses to a Liberal government.

Think about it before forming emotionally naïve decisions on such media-presented matters, both here and from major news networks.
 Sometimes we are better off with the devil we know than the one we don’t.

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