A James Hindle . . .  has worn many hats . . . as have many others. His most memorable were as a pizza cook, bus operator, university student, real estate salesman, small business entrepreneur, and lastly, an orthotics technician with the Vancouver Island Health Authority.
Now retired and living in Atlantic Canada, James (AJ or Jim ) enjoys his unhindered freedom to express his thoughts and opinions.
Jim’s website will host some of his short stories as well as rewritten excerpts from his novel –NINETEEN SIXTY THREE –  a novel of the dangerously adventurous travels of two naïve boys into the heart of a racial 1960s American South.
There may be, from time to time, temporary reflections of personal opinions on current commercial news and social media presentations. Or they can be reviewed at: — https://www.facebook.com/thehindles

Whether you agree or disagree with his thoughts, A.J. will look forward to your comments and responses, and with no commitments to linking to you unless you are looking for discussion. Just pass along a comment.

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